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$25,000.00 – $27,500.00
Flexible, safe and reliable laboratory automation.



Various storage products available to store microplates for either at-will retrieval or First-In-Last-Out (FILO) retrieval.



We are once again creating custom robotics or plate storage!



$25,000.00 – $27,500.00
Flexible, safe and reliable laboratory automation.


Hotel Racks

$797.50 – $2,350.00
Designed to store microplates for at-will retrieval.


Sequential Stacks

$575.00 – $1,150.00
Designed to store microplates for First-In-Last-Out (FILO) retrieval.


Docking Stations

$875.00 – $1,000.00
Mount Hotel Racks and Sequential Stacks into the table.


Add an extra axis for the KX2 to move across the workspace.



$9,250.00 – $10,175.00
Hold up to 10 Hotel Racks and Sequential Stacks with a relatively small footprint.

Intelligent Lab Automation Systems

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A Little About Us

In 1989, what is known now as Peak Robotics was founded under the name MEKAnize Inc. Our primary focus was custom automation and motion control products that later expanded into a standard product line. For 10 years, our target market was custom manufacturing and one-off solutions. As the company grew, we sought to focus more on repeat business and market security. This is the time we decided to release our very successful laboratory product line. We quickly found we could make long lasting relationships by providing quality products and services to companies who built fully integrated systems.

In 2012, Peak Robotics merged with Process Analysis and Automation to create Peak Analysis and Automation. The market focus changed from custom automation to providing full laboratory solutions and integrations. The company continued to grow as anticipated, but we found our legacy product lines remained in higher demand than we anticipated. We soon began to develop new products to meet the very changing requirements of the market.   

In 2020, Peak Analysis and Automation was purchased by Directech Industrial. Directech specializes in Industrial automation installations all over the world. It was decided Peak Robotics possessed many of the skills and resources to support and grow alongside Directech in the US market for large and small automation applications. The change of focus from laboratory solutions to custom automation and standard product lines is why we have chosen to re-take our name as Peak Robotics.

Warranty & Service

Manufacture Warranty

Manufacture Warranty is included with all automation products for a period of one year from the date of invoice. During the Manufacture Warranty period, the price of all services related to the purchased product is significantly reduced. Services can be requested as often as needed, with no incident limitations. After the Manufacture Warranty has lapsed, the customer is able to purchase additional coverage through the Service Agreement program.

Service Agreement

Once your Manufacture Warranty has expired, you may purchase Service Agreements in two year increments to continue your discount on product services.

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